Chapter 6 - Listening to the Prospects

“Listening is the new prospecting.”

John Jantsch, Author of “Duct Tape Selling”

Today, people are changing the way they are making their buying decisions. If word-of-mouth was once an earned stream of goodwill, today it is social media and online reviews that are driving us to make purchases. As per Corporate Executive Board (CEB), B2B buyers are typically 57% of the way though their buying decision before they reach out to sales person; and online media is one of the best channels for their research. This is precisely where social listening or digital media monitoring comes into picture. So why is Social Listening important in today’s day and age? What is Intelligent Listening? How can you learn to listen across Social Networks? 

The chapter - Listening to the Prospects - offers to its readers the above and more on the importance of reading and analyzing the online conversations of prospects across various social platforms and forums. Social listening is quite like eavesdropping on social networks. The chapter outlines some of the outstanding methods and important features of the best social media tools for intelligent listening, such as LinkedIn Sale Navigator, Twitter Lists, Twitonomy, , Hootsuite, to name a few. Interestingly, it offers detailed insights into social listening tips, tricks and tools that one can use for various platforms. Citing informative research and pictorial examples, this chapter presents readers with a detailed methodology on analyzing the prospect’s digital and social presence to understand the needs of prospects through Social Selling. Want to know what lies ahead? Turn to chapter 7 that tells you how to initiate a conversation with an otherwise hard to reach prospect.