Chapter 5 - Identifying Prospects

“Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers that don’t.”

Seth Godin, Founder of

The chapter “Identifying Prospects” is a handy guide to finding prospects and understanding their buyer personas. Clearly, identifying prospects is one of the key elements of social selling. This chapter outlines ways to find out the prospects on various B2B social media channels. Unarguably, these steps are highly essential for any social selling initiative.

Page after page of insightful content, the chapter outlines step by step how to find your prospects on different social media platforms. It explains how different social media platforms are connected and can be leveraged to find out the prospect's contact, psychological and demographic information. Authors suggest certain best practices for the readers to complete social profiling of your prospects. This is done by creating a prospect prioritization template, a sheet that stores profile details of your prospects, and helps you prioritize which prospects to engage with. Once the top priority prospects are shortlisted the next step is to complete filling a persona Template. This would include details about demographics, education, professional information, background, likes, hobbies, interests, etc.

The chapter then uncovers the next steps to making a channel-wise presence list of the prospect. Various social media tools can be used to find the prospects online: using search engines, looking for images, following news, looking for videos, finding books or magazines written by that person, etc. There are various social media tools such as Klout, Riffle etc. which are available to be used for finding out other social media profiles of the prospect. This chapter offers practical approaches to identifying prospects, leaving readers with many thoughts to explore and understand their prospects at a deeper level.