Chapter 8 - Enterprise Social Selling Framework

“For any CEO that is skeptical at all: you have to create a social enterprise today.”

Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President, retail and online stores at Apple Inc.

This is given – the future of sales is digital and social. Sellers are turning to social media to find resources, hunt for leads and meet their targets. But wouldn’t you agree that selling with social media is a journey and only a handful of organizations have excelled at it? So, what’s really missing in the bigger picture? Is there a key to solve this complex riddle?

As per social selling statistics, most of the companies fail to realize the ROI of social selling program because of low adoption. The chapter “Enterprise Social Selling Framework” introduces readers to a first-of-its-kind Social Selling Enterprise Framework that lays the foundation for launching an enterprise social selling program within an organization and if the framework is followed properly then it will ensure successful adoption of social selling program.

Here is the Basic level of Enterprise social selling framework:

The advanced verion of Enterprise social selling framework is available in the book.

The chapter discusses about the different steps involved in social selling program which include, buying and sponsoring, selecting and tracking the KPIs like social selling index, demonstrating the positive ROI, pipeline influence & conversion, and supporting change management activities. This is amplified by numerous examples and nuggets of wisdom interspersed throughout the chapter. This makes the book extremely pragmatic and geared towards practical application.

The authors sharply put to focus the different phases for the successful execution of a social selling program. They strongly articulate what organizations must do during the pre-launch, execution, and post launch phases while launching an enterprise social selling program, for a glorious win. The chapter also offers a sample agenda for a 2-day training program, which includes effective pre-launch and post launch activities.At the end of this chapter, be rest assured that you are ready to embark upon your social selling journey!