Chapter 4 - Content Curation, Creation and Publishing

“Creating easy-to-read, highly relevant content that showcases the value of your service or product can lead to warmer, increased leads and more sales from each post that you write, particularly if your content shows genuine concern and empathy for anyone who needs your services or products.”

Jose Sanchez, Director of Marketing at Sales for Life

Social Selling, just like the medium that it rides on is fueled by content. If you are on social media and trying to create a persona, you cannot do that without posting content. So how does one really perfect content curation? How to write engaging content? What are the top media platforms to publish it?

This chapter is a go-to guide for any sales and marketing professional looking for the how’s, why’s, do’s and don’ts of content creation, curation and publishing. That’s not all. The chapter highlights the most critical aspect of content – strategy – which most marketers and social media experts conveniently miss out on. The chapter garners attention of its readers towards social selling content factors such as aligning funnel to the sales funnel, measuring the effectiveness of content and building competencies, which is turn, form the basis of an effective social media content strategy.

In addition to the practical and instructional advice, the chapter packs the 7 Cs of Content Curation, social media tools to curate the content, tips to perfect content curation for social selling, and a quick essence of the content to post on different social media platforms. Every social media platform has different content requirements. The chapter also highlights the different type of content which works on different platforms.

The chapter adopts a very hands-on approach to its topic and works well as a primer for marketers who are new to content marketing. In the end, readers get convinced that it is content that drives social media, forms the basis of conversation, gives you a chance to show your expertise, and engage people effectively. The bonus is:  the chapter offers a power-packed guide to sensible writing for a digital age! This chapter is the creative resource for a new generation of social and digital marketers.