Enterprise social selling framework

Enterprise social selling framework consists of three phases:

Social selling origin, top social selling tools and more tips

Key Priorities for Sales And Marketing In 2016

The journey to become 21st century enterprise involves investing in customers, partners and employees by enabling and providing them with engaging experiences. Naturally, it has become the priority of every enterprise.  Organizations are not only aligning the strategy, systems and operations around it but also aligning the sales and marketing functions to achieve this goal and it has changed the levers for sales and marketing functions.  Key Priorities for sales and marketing organizations in 2016 includes:

Why you should not ignore Social Selling in your marketing strategy


Social media is a powerful tool for sales teams which leverage it as a way to demonstrate their value and differentiation. Here are three compelling pieces of content that demonstrate why ignoring social selling in your marketing strategy might not be a good idea:

1.  The big spenders are on social media and they’re looking to buy

"You Are the Key" book among the top 25 books on Amazon

Infographic demonstrating the journey of the "You are the key" book.

5 social selling tools to accelerate your social selling journey

Today, savvy buyers are turning to digital & social media to find resources, and to look for influencers with whom they can interact. Through social networks, salespeople connect with prospects and offer them a platform to share content. The future of sales is a digital and social one, and those who do not adapt are at a competitive disadvantage

LinkedIn social selling index (SSI) : 10 easy hacks to improve it

How to measure the ROI of Social Selling

In order to measure ROI of the social selling programme, it is important to benchmark the key parameters of social selling programme at the beginning. The key parameters which need to be tracked includes the following:
  1. Klout score: The Klout Score is a number between 1-100 that represents your influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout Score
  2. Follower base on Twitter: Number of followers on Twitter
  3. Follower base on LinkedIn: Number of followers on LinkedIn