Chapter 7 - Approaching and engaging prospects

“It is no longer about Interrupting, pitching and closing. It is about listening, diagnosing and prescribing –

Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer of the HubSpot Inbound Sales Division

“Help the people in your network. And let them help you.”

Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn

Approaching prospects and clients is not always an easy task and requires a lot of hard work. Couldn’t agree more? This chapter comes as a handy guide to understanding, initiating and engaging with an otherwise hard to reach prospects.

The authors in the chapter “Approaching and engaging prospects” debate about the best social media tools that can be used to reach out to and engage with prospects. Not only that, the chapter intensely brings to focus various social media tools that can be deployed to learn about the prospect even before approaching them, simply to understand what might interest or excite them.

The chapter brilliantly summarizes some of the best social media tools such as HootSuite, LinkedIn’s InMail, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator etc. that can be put to use while approaching and engaging with the prospect. It also offers a step-by-step guide to approaching the prospect via LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and provides effective tips for getting on the radar of prospects.

The chapter provides a perfect roadmap for any marketer to pick up and execute the strategy for engaging with prospects. Now all you need to do is go find them!