Why you should not ignore Social Selling in your marketing strategy


Social media is a powerful tool for sales teams which leverage it as a way to demonstrate their value and differentiation. Here are three compelling pieces of content that demonstrate why ignoring social selling in your marketing strategy might not be a good idea:

1.  The big spenders are on social media and they’re looking to buy

The primary takeaway from multiple independent researches, conducted around social selling is that creating a trusted network on social media which builds confidence helps in establishing the first layer of trust between you and the potential buyers. Here's some of the research highlights: 

  • Every three in four B2B buyers and 85% of top level employees surveyed use social media to make purchasing decisions.
  • Online professional networks are the top preference of buyers for obtaining information in the most crucial stages of the purchase process.
  • Social buying is directly related to buying influence. The average buyer who uses social media has a greater span of buying control than a buyer who does not use social media. 
  • B2B buyers indicate that they are able to take their buying decisions with much more comfort due to the presence on social media!

2. Social Sellers are able to fetch many more opportunities

An independent study, conducted by LinkedIn hoping to get a look into the most inspired sales professionals in the world concluded that:

  • Social sellers create 1.5 times more opportunities every quarter than those who don’t sell socially.
  • Social sellers are 50% more likely to hit quota than people who are slow in adopting social media.

3. Social Media has classic sales relations at it fundamentals

Social media’s strength for businesses has always been in its ability to scale personal interactions. Apurva Chamaria and Gaurav Kakkar’s new book on Social Selling: You are the key is now available on Amazon which demonstrates the importance of adopting a social media strategy with the sales team, along with a lot of more information.

According to the book, salespeople can increase their sales efficiency with social media in four ways:

  1. Building confidence and trust.
  2. Solving problems of people immediately by monitoring with social media tools.
  3. Converting a cold call to warm call by doing pre-call research on social media.
  4. Aligning marketing with the sales strategy.


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