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Social media has become an important part of everyday live. It holds tremendous potential for any business. Using and managing social media as a part of social selling strategy has become important for businesses all around the world.

“You are the Key – Unlocking doors through social selling” is a social selling book written by Apurva Chamaria, Head of Global Brand & Digital Front Office at HCL Technologies and Gaurav Kakkar, Associate General Manager at HCL Technologies. The book talks about the future of business using social selling and also about B2B social media marketing for social selling. The book answers why’s, how’s, do’s and don’ts of social selling. The book contains real world examples and relevant information which compels you to understand and acknowledge the importance of social selling.

Apurva and Gaurav present the history of selling process and then move on to talk about the evolution and growth of social selling which has been enabled by new and emerging social selling tools. Various social media platforms and ways to leverage these platforms are discussed in this social selling book. Different B2B social media marketing tools are also discussed which allow users to create a social persona, create content to build credibility, identify prospects and their needs and approach these prospects.

You are the Key (Unlock doors through social selling) has a comprehensive research and presents social selling case studies of two big technology companies – HCL Technologies and IBM – and how these two companies harnessed the power and energy of social selling. Content is an important topic the book delves into. Creating, curating and publishing content some critical aspect of content that are considered by the authors.

A unique part about the book is that it introduces the readers with a first of its kind “Social Selling Enterprise Framework.” The framework lays the foundation for launching an enterprise social selling program within an organization.

You are the Key – Unlocking doors through social selling” has a lot of informative and engaging research, pictorial examples, it is a straightforward book that strikes a chord with each and every reader – a beginner or a pro. “You are the Key – Unlocking doors through social selling” is surely a smart marketer’s bible in the new age of selling.

Content of the book:

Chapter 1: The Paradigm Shift to Social Selling

Chapter 2: The Importance & Process of Social Selling

Chapter 3: Understanding Social Platforms & Creating your Social Media Persona 

Chapter 4: Content Curation, Creation and Publishing     

Chapter 5: Identifying Prospects

Chapter 6: Listening to the Prospects

Chapter 7: Approaching & engaging Prospects

Chapter 8: Enterprise Social Selling Framework.


‘Today you are what you share. Great brands always lead the way in using social media to reach out to customers and employees. This is a great book to understand how can you use social media to build brands whether personal or for your company.’

Greg Creed

CEO, Yum Brand Inc.


‘Over 60% of the decision to engage a company by a buyer happens through information available digitally, in a B2B situation. Most sales people I know are digitally challenged. This book can help you instantly change that. An essential leadership trait for 21st Century is to have mastered communication through the social media. Learn practical insights from Apurva, a person who has made the transition to mastering this media, helped his company build an impressive digital brand personal.’

R Srikrishna

CEO, Hexaware


‘The power of Social Media is disrupting all industries. One of the industries which is getting disrupted is the packaged applications industry where Ramco is disrupting legacy players by creating and offering socially enabled software. This is a must read book for anybody wanting to master social media. I would strongly recommend it.’

Virender Aggarwal

CEO, Ramco Systems


‘This book is an encyclopedia for anyone aspiring to be a super sales executive! A must read for all of those who wish to stay relevant and paranoid in disruptive times.’

Dharmender Kapoor,

COO, BirlaSoft


‘We may well be at the dawn of an age in which victory will go Great Simplifiers, not just to better product makers. This is a very timely book!’

Micky Pant

CEO, Yum! Restaurants China


‘Social media has become an integral part of the digital ecosystem, and more importantly, our way of life. It has leveled the playing field and anybody who doesn't leverage the power of social media to achieve their goals is at a disadvantage. This book is a must read for all Davids' who want to take on the Goliaths and all the Goliaths who want to understand how to protect their turf.’

Karen Chan

Chief Digital Officer, Pizza Hut Restaurants Asia


Academic Leaders

‘Digitalization has profoundly enhanced the process of evolution & transformation of businesses across the world. It has also redefined consumer behaviour and the way we segment markets & consumers. Apurva, who is an outstanding alumnus of IMI Delhi with an illustrious track record as a top class professional, has provided in this highly insightful book innovative approaches and strategies for marketers and sellers to apply social media analysis with a focus on future business needs. The book is not only contemporary & rich in content, but also lucid & well written.’

PadmaShri Bakul Dholakia,

Director General, International Management Institute, New Delhi

Director, IIM Ahmedabad (2002 - 2007)


‘When, the marketing and sales function has a radical re-alignment exploiting disruptive technologies, trusted beliefs and strategies, viral marketing, social media and a dynamic in a changing marketplace, Apurva has cleared and gives an executable and implementable roadmap for the modern sales force.  This awesome compendium is a must read and essential tool if you want to be "Distinct or Extinct". Strongly recommend and a must read.’

Bala V Balachandran

J L Kellogg Distinguished Professor (Emeritus in service) of Accounting & Information Management, Northwestern University, USA

Founder, Dean & Chairman, Great Lakes Institute of Management, India


‘The sales process has changed dramatically in a socially and digitally connected world. The sales funnel is dead. Sellers need to guide prospects through a consultative journey by asking not what they can sell but asking how they can help their customers. Social media is a powerful tool for engagement with prospects, but for most salespeople, the social media landscape is confusing and overwhelming. Apurva provides a comprehensive and practical GPS for sales people to navigate the social media landscape and to reach their destination of sales success. This book is very practical and is filled with actionable advice. An invaluable tool for selling in the digital age.’

Mohanbir Sawhney,

McCormick Foundation Professor of Technology,

Director, Center for Research in Technology & Innovation

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


‘Apurva's timely book on social selling is a must read for start-ups.  Using social selling techniques highlighted in this book, start-ups can really hack into growth.’

Zafar Anjum

Writer, Publisher and Filmmaker


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In the United States, it is available on Amazon.com. Check out the following link on Amazon.com  You are the key- Unlocking doors through Social selling 


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