How is “You are the key” book different from other social selling books

There are plenty of online material and books on social media / social selling and every book offer unique concepts about leveraging social media for sales. But there was a gap of a structured approach to launch and successfully adopt social selling at enterprise level.

When HCL technologies launched its social selling programme, the team behind the programme researched for framework or methodologies which can be applied to enable B2B social selling and drive maximum adoption but could not find one. And with the successful launch of the programme, the team wanted to share their learning with the global audience and that originated the idea of writing the social selling bookYou are the key

How is this book different?

Practitioner’s written social selling book:  This book has been written by practitioners who have implemented social selling for a $6.8 billion, G2000 Company spread across 31 countries. There were multiple learnings during the implementation which have been incorporated in the book. All concepts mentioned in the book have been applied, tested and modified based on the experience and outcome.

Enterprise social selling framework: This book provides a practical approach to launch the social selling program for an enterprise. Enterprise social selling framework defines the roles & responsibilities of the various stakeholders, governance framework, which if followed properly can assure successful adoption of the social selling program.

Structured approach: The success of social-centered selling depends on the adoption of training for which an organization needs to follow a structured approach. “You are the Key” book contains a structured approach which starts with the basics and goes on to a step by step of social selling process which makes it easier to apply in practice. This book has been written keeping in mind beginners as well as an experienced audience.

Peer reviewed: Senior professionals from the industry have reviewed & shared feedback on this book. All the feedback is based on practical situations & experiences in social selling field.

This book can also be used as social media book as it coaches about B2B social media

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