You Are The Key

“You Are The Key – Unlocking Doors Through Social Selling” book talks about the future of business using social selling and also about B2B social media marketing for social selling.


Understanding Social Platforms

The chapter introduces a reader to the first step of social selling, which is to create a compelling persona that people take note of. It explains about the social media platform, details out building a personal brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, and finding the right audience.

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Content Curation, Creation and Publishing

This chapter is a go-to guide for any marketer looking for the how’s, why’s, do’s and don’ts of content creation, curation and publishing. That’s not all. The chapter highlights the most critical aspect of content – strategy – which most marketers and social media experts conveniently miss out on.

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Identifying Prospects

The chapter then uncovers the next steps to making a channel-wise presence list of the prospect. Various social media tools can be used to find the prospects online: using search engines, looking for images, following news, looking for videos, finding books or magazines written by that person, etc.

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Listening to the Prospects

Social listening is quite like eavesdropping on social networks. The chapter outlines some of the outstanding methods and important features of the best social media tools for intelligent listening, such as LinkedIn Sale Navigator, Twitter Lists, Twitonomy, Facebook List, Hootsuite.

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Approaching and engaging prospects

The chapter summarizes some of the best social media tools such as HootSuite, LinkedIn’s InMail and LinkedIn’s sales Navigator that can be put to use while approaching and engaging with the prospect. It also offers effective tips for getting on the radar of prospects

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Enterprise Social Selling Framework

The chapter discusses about the different steps involved in launching social selling program which include, buying and sponsoring, leading, executing, demonstrating the positive ROI, pipeline influence & conversion, and supporting change management activities.

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